Noteworthy Investing

At GSD Capital we are mathematicians, computer scientists, statisticians and engineers.

We research and develop automated AI trading machines and algorithms using advanced mathematical techniques.

We have built one of the world's most sophisticated trading/computing environments, and our researchers are at the forefront of innovation in the world of algorithmic trading.

A new approach to managing your investments

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How We Invest

Algorithmic Trading

The GSD Capital Team seeks diversified returns across global commodity, currency and cryptocurrency markets, on daily time frames and market structures using an AI enabled automated approach

We utilise artificial intelligence under professional human supervision to ensure a competitive edge whilst trading which in turn translates into superior returns.

Momentum and Technical patterns provide a base for machine learning and predictive techniques on fundamental regimes to risk weight each trade we make.

The artificial intelligence machines we use to trade, analyse millions of data points and executes trades at optimal pricing, aiming to profit from short term momentum and volatility. Forecasting price movements with greater accuracy and mitigating risk to provide for higher returns.

We use similar technology to Google's DeepMind AlphaGo, using a combination of deep learning, supervised learning and reinforcement learning algorithms for trading.

Our trading algorithms have different in-built strategy “wizards” that analyse market conditions, compare previous trading patterns in similar scenarios during the past 20 years of data and combine everything in one single software.

During the non-stop analytics, research, and optimisation process, all new movements and patterns are stored to be used in up-coming scenarios, helping solve future market situations. With deep reinforcement learning, our systems can constantly learn and develop meaningful trading decisions.

Inter-bank Lending

We operate as lenders in the money market - where financial institutions in need of overnight liquidity come to borrow funds.

We use complex algorithms to carry out most of the process from screening to execution. We are able to earn single digit returns (percentage wise) on a day to day basis through this investment strategy.

Investor Protection

At GSD Capital, we pride ourselves on our commitment to placing clients' needs first and we have developed a number of safeguards to ensure the protection of client assets held at our firm. Clients entrust GSD Capital with their assets for a number of key reasons: We follow security safekeeping measures, we adhere strictly to risk management whilst trading and are bound by strict regulatory guidelines aimed at capital preservation and safety against loss.

Client assets are held with insured custodians and are segregated from our corporate investing activities. This safeguard measure helps to ensure clients' investments are not subject to any risks related to our business activities.

Institutional risk analysis on our trading practices and overall investment strategy is conducted quarterly by a team of independent auditors who have rated the exposure to our investment offerings as generally safe and regulatory compliant.

Qualified Financial Advice

GSD Capital has a team of qualified Investment advisers to provide you with advice on how best to invest for the future. We understand that the amount and nature of advice you need will vary depending on your unique circumstances.

GSD Capital’s investment advice service allows you to either receive advice on a one-off or on an ongoing basis. With one-off advice, our advisers will discuss your requirements and provide a recommendation. This might range from a full review of your financial needs and circumstances, a pre-transfer review of your existing investments, guidance on tax efficient allocation of your assets or a combination of these.

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Investment Philosophy

Our objective is to deliver outsized investment returns to our capital partners over the medium-to-long-term, enabling clients to meet their investment goals. We do this by providing cost-effective access to a professionally managed service, supported by in-depth financial analysis and insights.

We take views based on long-term strategic thinking, which affords us the ability to be patient in order for our views to be rewarded, and we are resistant to the temptations of excessive trading which is often used to justify the notion of active management. We are determined to give investors safe alternative investment strategies that enable them build wealth very effectively.

Sustained Long Term Growth

Outperforming Traditional
Investment Vehicles

Positive Performance
Irrespective of Market Cycles

Our Founders

Timothy Goldberg

Timothy Goldberg is the chief Investment Officer and overall head of trading and investments at GSD Capital, with 25 years’ experience in asset management for both institutional and retail clients, across active and passive strategies.

Tom Welsh

Tom Welsh is a senior trader and the head of technology at GSD Capital. He leads the tech squad that construct and modify our AI technology as well as the traders that enable and utilise it.

Russel Lane

Russel Lane is a senior member of our trading team with over 20 years of asset management experience with main competence in risk management.

Our Team Has


Quantitative researchers who hold a PhD

As of December 2022


Quantitative researchers who hold an advanced degree


Research and engineering function heads who achieved their positions within 10 years of graduating university


Yes, GSD Capital is authorised to provide investment management services under the regulation of the Bank of England and Financial Services Act 2016.
If you filled our account opening form correctly, we will be able to verify your information and set up your account almost immediately.
Daily returns net of fees are credited into client accounts at the end of each trading day. Please note that markets are closed on weekends and bank holidays, hence no returns should be expected on such days.
We offer our services to all investors, irrespective of their country of residence.
Yes, we compound all client accounts on the first week of each calendar month.
Our monthly projected returns are derived from algorithmic simulations of our past market performance under similar market conditions taking the market volatility into account. It is very unlikely that any fluctuations will occur too far below or above the returns we project in the short to medium term.
We only charge you money when we make you money. These charges amount to 0.5% of your monthly returns and are billed before returns are credited into your account daily.
Tax reporting and handling is your full responsibility, and would depend on the unique circumstances of the investor and the governing tax laws of their country.
No, there is no lock up period, your investment balance can be withdrawn from or topped up at any point in time.
Our data centres are certified for Information Security Management Standards and operate with multiple layers of security, virtualised environments and secure encryption. Microsoft, our network host, actively mitigates DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks, and performs regular penetration testing.

We are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office and we will obtain, process, store, use and retain your personal data in accordance with the applicable Data Protection legislation.
If you would like your account closed and your personal data deleted, please send a request to and we would be happy to do so.
Yes, there is a $2.5M upper limit on a GSD Capital investment account. In the case a clients invested capital reaches this upper limit, they will need to make mandatory monthly withdrawals of accrued returns excess of said upper limit.