Our Capabilities

We are a team of the industry's brightest trading and technology professionals, collaborating to create and maintain winning trading strategies.

We go to work each day with the same priority: to utilise our technology in the markets we trade, in search of outsized investment returns for our capital partners.



Powerful and regulated investment approach

At GSD Capital we use artificial intelligence to engage in derivatives trading and also participate as institutional lenders in the inter-bank lending market.

We can beat your bank in a month

With a 8%-10% monthly return on our standard investment account, we will beat your banks 0.05% - 2.25% annual return in a month.

Your investment is safe with us

We use intelligent risk management methods to put capital protection at the forefront of our strategy.


A flexible option for long term saving

Seasoned investors are beginning to learn that artificial intelligence applications in alternative investment strategies such as secured lending and algorithmic trading, if carried out by professionals with adequate knowledge and experience can offer unbeatable returns.

With complete access to your money at any time combined with potentially high returns, our investment solutions offer a flexible, rewarding and viable long-term investment strategy.

A super-engineered, fortune-seeking electronic brain at our command

Capable team, capable technology

In a highly competitive industry that demands constant improvement, we are more than up to the task. We continuously invest in our innovative technology and advanced research capabilities to ensure we’re utilising the most effective resources available for our trading.

We are also eager to add expertise where we recognise unique market opportunity. Recently, we completed two separate technological acquisitions, growing our competences and capabilities. This selective and targeted technological expansion of our firm is part of our ongoing strategy.

Pathfinder in advanced technology

GSD Capital is as much a technology firm as a trading house. We invest significant time and resources to ensure our traders have the best tools for the job. That means continually developing and innovating to improve productivity and performance. By employing the best talent and providing an environment in which knowledge and skills thrive, we bring value to our capital partners.

Our Engineering Platform


Dedicated engineers



As of December 2022


Average amount of data ingested and processed daily

Example Technologies

  • KDB
  • Python (Pandas, NumPy, Dask)
  • React